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The Holy Goof
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Friday, March 24th, 2006
8:25 am
How Small the World Gets When We Travel
I am in Santa Cruz and within in my first full day and night in downtown I managed to run into 11 differrent people that recognized me from 6 different cities. It was an amazing welcome for me and made me realize that all things come back around like crazy fools (such as myself) on greyhounds. They 5 cities were San Fran, NYC, Austin, Portland, Los Angeles, and Palo Alto. It is moments like this that I realize everything is much closer then we think. I also recently got back in touch with someone who I had not spoke to me for a while. There was a miscommunication, but after sending her a youtube video I finally got an e-mail. Thank God for youtube videos. She mentioned that someone at her college of DePaul (I think is the college she is at) was talking about some "crazy healer" named Te'DeVan and it brought a smile to her face. For me it was a feeling of redemption. It was as if the universe was telling her in the most crazy way to send me a line which the youtube vieo helped to ensure. I am at point where I could be pointed in any direction and many of us feel that way and we just have to trust and go where we are guided. For me it appears that will be Death Valley and then San Diego and then D.C. which could be the jump or a college tour of sorts.
much love and adventure to you all,
p.s. Thanks to the unknown person who sent me their love and a request for an update. Here it is updated.
Monday, February 6th, 2006
8:20 pm
In San Fran
Hey there I am fully enjoying San Fran after having spent a couple weeks in Los Angeles. I have been meeting lots of great people and seeing old faces in new places. I really do enjoy where I am and reconnecting with great people that I had met in Charleston. I continue to increase connections on www.couchsurfing.com and love it greatly. This site will go on to accomplish quite a bit in the world and this country. As we start to fear strangers less we will have a better place. Meditation is how I find the peace inside of me and allow myself not to be hindered by any obstacles. Everything is an opportunity to grow and that is how I approach almost everything and it makes my life much more fulfilling. Waves and waves of love.
Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
1:20 pm
Seeing John OF God
WOw can this guy heal and perform surgeries with no need to use drugs or needles. He does visible and invisible surgeries. He is all that they say and then some. Keep in mind that he is the vessel just as all healers are vessels and what a vessel he is. I recently saw that the Lewis and Clark wrote an article about me. There were so funny things they did not mention such as when the head of security mentioned that Lewis and Clark is no hippie college anymore and that students would have to start fitting in and that tai-chi had to be done in less public parts of campus. It was a riot my pal Rowen was there for it and I also connected with alot of my friends from before and I was in campus in the early fall of last year. In the end they two campus security guards felt bad and I was accused of something i did not do and then over the loud speaker I heard the head guy say that I had worn out my welcome and that I was not to return. I believe that his name was curtin. Though the 2 guards who saw me off were very pleasant about the whole thing. I'm off to RIo on SUnday and more adventure and Finding myself more and making more peace with myself each and everyday. I've been reading blue highways and really do enjoy it though it is pretty thick with historical facts. I send everyone my love and best.
much evolution and love,
Monday, September 12th, 2005
11:29 am
Burning Man, John Of God, Healing, Portland, NYC and A full circle
I'm in Portland and coming out to the West coast starting in Seattle and then heading to Porltand and then Burning Man followed by Burning Man has been blessed with the most remarkable synchrinosity and growth that has me moving forward. Somtime tommorrow or a few days afterwards shall mark the 4 year anniversary of the first physical healing I have ever done. I feel as if I have just finished my undergrad program as a spritiuall healer and now I'm off to get my masters in more then one way. Burningman was the culmination of many good friends and adventures and wonderful people that I have met along the way. I stayed until Monday and got a ride from some great Portland guys and we zipped back to Portland. Hung out a bunch at Lewis and Clark and then got banned from campus a small minority kept calling campus security on me. Its hard for me to blend in sometimes, but this lead to another series of very fortunate events and a very brief visit on Reeds campus and spending time with my old buddy Dante from NYC and his roommate Blake. The consciuosness is being shifted and I can feel it. Last night I hung out with my friend Oona and her brother and then spent time with Kathlene and Allie. People here have been amazing to me and I have been running in to a great deal of people from Burningman. Now I'm back to NYC for 4 and half days and to the jungle of Brazil. I manage also to have an amazing spiritual and growth experience with some of the incoming freshmen at Lewis and Clark and one girl in particular named Celby made it very close to my heart, but I feel knowing that I was leaving soon had her pull away a little bit, but such is the life of the traveler. We are all travelers and the best way to travel is to let go of that which we no longer need.
much love and evolution,
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
8:34 am
How the past does and does not matter
I'm a huge believer in staying in the moment and focusing on the present. Yet where I find myself at this moment is reflective of things that happened in the past. Yet we always find ourselves where we are because of things that happened in our past. Currently I'm here because of a documentary that was shot about me called Mindflank. It was shot throughout 2002 and now in 2005 I find myself staying in Seattle with a wonderful married couple because they had seen the documentary and had a good sense of who I was or at least who I was 3 years ago. We have had numerous conversations ranging from how spiritual gifts differ from being spiritually evoloved to how aliens have played some part in human development. As I write I can hear my ears ticking and if you were sitting next to me you would hear them ticking to. One of the things about traveling is on occassion you have a tendency to miss all the places and all the people you've known at once. You want to figure out how to be in multiple places in the same moment. Currently I have yet to master such a thing though I do believe it possible, but I'm the Holy Goof I think it all possible. I had the weirdest dream and Carson Daly was in and he was touched and surprised by some performance/voice over work that I did. Dreams can be so random yet nothing is truly random. I really do love the open road though I don't like sitting in the car for so long being my ass is small and does not like to sit for too long. I quite often feel like a modern day Keuroac or Cassidy without drinking and drugs. I'm trying to discover myself as I discover this country. I miss all of you guys reading this and not reading this life gets stranger and we all keep changing in ways most of us can't fully grasp. Well I'm sending my love.
Thursday, August 18th, 2005
7:07 am
Weddings and Seattle and the Past
I'm currently in Seattle after flying out last minute to my friends wedding that took place this Sunday. I'm currently staying with a couple that had seen a documentary about me 2 years ago called Mindflank. They are truly wonderful people and I ran into the husband on the street and we started talking and I only had a place to crash that night and him and his wife graciously offered me to crash in one of their extra bedrooms. I've made plans to fly to Brazil on September 16th out of NYC and I will go and see the famous healer known as John of God with my friend who I have been doing healings on. I won't get back from Brazil until the 2nd of October. Then I will spend sometime back in NYC and then fly to Key West as I did in 2003. The girl Bree that inspired me to go to Keywest came back in my life again and I ran into 2 guys who rode a plane with 17 people on to Key West last time. Oddly enough they will be filming Real World 17 while I'm there in Key West. I'm excited to see me old Pals and to heal and freestyle rap and hang with the ghost of Hemingway. The last 3 and half months have been quite fascinating and I had a dream in early May where I was visited by what appeared to be an Avatar who talked to me verbally and telepathically. He mentioned the miracles I will manifest in my 26th year will make me famous beyond anything I could ever imagine. He told me not to worry and I woke up the next day super calm and then remembered the dream later in Union Square Park. This year fire has been a big motif for me I lost my friend Pete to a fire and then visited my friend Jen who I knew from a mutual friend Sara. I had met Sara thru Pete and jen's old house burned down also, which I had caught on the news early in the morning and was able to remember that it was the old place she had lived in. I don't watch much television especially early in the morning so it was odd yet typical I would turn it on to find out. I was also going to visit my friend Brianna and her boyfriend Matt but there place in Philly Burned down, but everyone was okay. I also spent my first week of May squatting in an abandoned apartment that had burned down in December. Speaking of Fire I should be making my way to Burning Man and then making sure to be back in NYC on the 13 or 14th of September to get ready for Brazil. The daughter of the couple I'm staying with gave me an awesome shirt from Brazil. Life is truly beautiful and I have run into people in Seattle that recognize me from the East Village. Well much love and evolution. I will journal more soon
Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
7:41 pm
In the Nations Capiral
SO I left Austin Texas thanks to an Irish guy named Shawn Martin. I met him at whole foods and did a healing on his ankle and then we kept bumping into each other and when my 2nd ride in less then a week fell thru I remember that he had mentioned a desire to leave AUstin and head back East. I have be hanging out with my pals Dave and Jen who I know from my friend Sara. And Jen's new roommate Sammie briefly met on a train ride because I know her friend Alexis. The way connections work is amazing. I had been told about a boy with bronchitis and then I ran into him today and did some healing on him. GOing back to NYC from here will be quite exhilirationg. I did alot of freestyle rapping in Austin and tons of wild humorous and surreal moments on 6th street or at the Jewish gentlemen's club AEP where did a number of spiirtual healings. Austin was an amazing town, but I did what I was meant to do. We left on SUnday and arrived in D.C. Monday night. On the way we parked at a gas station and I thru sleeping bags down and slept on the grass for 4 hours and then we got back on the road. I helped with the driving despite my lack of contact lenses. My old college roommate aslo happens to be here now as well. Well I send you all my love.
much love and evolution,
p.s. Special shout out to Bee and Renae (excuse and spelling error) I hoping your both doing well sweetheart
Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
12:18 am
The past merging with the Present
So I find myself in Austin,Texas and I have been here about 10 days and managed to run into 2 people from NYC one named Josh who had a public access show in NYC called the unbelievable show which is how I met my ex-girlfriend Brittany. I also ran into a girl that recognized me from San Francisco a guy I had met in San Diego who I was first told about in Los Angeles and now I met him again on 6th street in Austin. I also met a woman who I had seen me from Venice beach stopped on her bike did the double hand shake kissed both my hands and said she was glad to see I was still on the journey. I also saw a guy from the army whose right knee I healed in Key West and he asked me after I was done healing a girl named Molly if I had been in Key West 2 years ago and he was shocked to see me again. I was freestyle rapping like a madman on 6th street on Friday and Saturday and got nice donations. I escorted a sorrority girl named Becca to a date party where I was one of only a handful of people to actually dance and the only sober dancing one though most of them probably thought me to be a hipppie tripping mushrooms. I helped a punk rock band get money for gas so that they could get back to Dallas and I'm getting more and more chances to heal. I got to meet with a medical student named Erin and did a healing on him and got to help him on his path to change the medical field. I'm sure him and I will cross paths again and there will be medical journals and nobel prizes handed out in regards to the work we will be doing. My healing gift continues to get stronger as I meditate more and disassociate more from identity. I've been getting e-mails from Bree tho girl I made love to on the beach back in 2003 and I hope to see her again in the near future. She told me of an event in KeyWest called Fantasy Fest which encouraged me to go to Key West because of my time spent there I made good friends with Jeremiah & Kera who is the awesome married couple that I'm staying with in Austin in their extra room. I got a call today from a buddy that I met in Key West named Justin TIMe and 2 days prior got a call from Mannie a buddy of mine I used to talk to about Bree all the time. He actually hooked with a girl from the same small island as Bree. Bree happened to make e-mail contact with me just three days before I came to visit jermiah and Kera in Austin. Since I've been here I've been walking up and down the drag and meeting some great people and certainly making people question what is reality just thru my beingness. Never underestimate the power of being folks and do what your heart says and forget the rest. Because you only remember the love and rest is intense nonsense. Well I send all of you my love and the revolution takes place inside. I also went to a really fun jewish frat party. When I walked into the party it felt like a scene in the movie where the music stops. I had on my painted white robe and was about a foot taller then almost anyone at the party and I had the spirit with me strong. All of this made for quite an entrance. I then was asked to heal a series of people and it was a blessed time. May all of you who read this have blessed times.
much love and evolution,
Friday, March 11th, 2005
1:31 pm
The Improbable is likely
Last night I was hanging out with my friend Lara and she asked me if I wanted to go see her friend Nick she knew through a guy named Darren. I asked her how she knew D she laughed and said that is what he goes by. We walk in the door and he comes up to me like he knows me, but he didn't know why. I was not able to see him clearly being that I ran out of contacts but I recognized the vibe and the vocie. I then proceed to announce that he went to Barcelona and he replied yes and then I announced that he stayed at the kabul and then I followed with that his father was the mayor of somewhere in Oregon and he started fliipping out and realized I was Te'DeVan. I just told a story involving him and these 2 german girls I had convinced not to leave the country when we were both in Barcelona together. One of them was particualarly gorgeous and all the guys were quite impressed. This all took place 5 years ago and was something I had not thought about in a while and telling the story about it is not something that I do often. D flipped out and left the apartment for a minute to get some composure. Then to make it odder Lara had been telling the story of the alchemist which takes place in Spain and my name in Haitan Creole means Sheep herder. When I got his cell phone number it had 3 six's in a row at the end which is the same as my buddy Jack who took me to SUndance when I was in Santa Monica. I had not seen jack in 4 years and thought about him early in the day wondering what he was up to and ran into him later that night right next to his apartment (we were both flipped out and caught up on the last 4 years. Jack also had a cell phone that ended in 3 six's. The whole thing was a complete mathematical improbability. Both D and I really started to discover ourselves abroad and plan to make abroad again this year. Where all this goes who knows but I know that I'm at the right place at the right time. I bought a lotto ticket for Saturday because of something a psychic said to me 3 years ago. He mentioned a 3,12 and piles of money so I figured Saturday was a good day to play the lottery. I figure winning the lottery is much more likely then either of these things taking place.
much love and evolution,
Te'DeVan Rocxketman Kurzweil

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